About Us

We’re all about Game Changers

A game changer is an opportunity that meets the following criteria:

  • Within a growth sector in Sport
  • Has a proven thesis with unique and protected Intellectual Property
  • Has diverse applications that can be monetised in numerous ways
  • Is scalable across multiple sports, regions and verticals – high performance, commercial and community
  • Is positioned to benefit from the capabilities of XV Capital.

XV Capital Advisory was born out of our passion for the power of sport to positively impact communities.

We aspire to do amazing things with great people, driving scalable commercial success and giving back through philanthropic endeavours.

We partner with private companies (finance, tech, data, products, services), Governing Bodies, Leagues, Professional Teams & Player Associations – providing strategic advice, and capital raising, investment and distribution expertise to monetise commercial, community & high performance verticals.


Values: Respect – Discipline – Humility – Commitment

Strengths: Innovation – Leadership – Connection – Simplification

Qualities: Positivity – Authenticity – Integrity – Growth Mindset

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